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15 Effective Exercises for Cardio other than Running

Cardio is one of the key factors for achieving weight loss and/or cardiovascular health. Cardio is also one of the most dreaded forms of exercise, but there’s a wide variety of options when it comes to training than running for 30 minutes on a treadmill. If you’re someone who wants to change up your cardio or hates running, here are a ton of ideas for your next program.

If you’re one of my clients, you may even see 30-60 minutes of “your choice of cardio” on the training program. You can use any of these options below or something from outside of the list. Cardio can be as leisurely or active as you’d like (unless stated otherwise).

workout ideas for sports and cardio

Download the NASM FNS Activity & Energy Expenditure cheat sheet to see every activity and how many calories you’ll burn based on your weight.

Breakdown of cardiovascular activities and calories burned per exercise

Aerobics:  150-727 calories per hour
Biking: 200-773 calories per hour
Household chores: 200-545 calories per hour
Walking: 100-409 calories per hour
Running: 350-1,455 calories per hour
Frisbee golf: 175-318 calories per hour
Wind surfing: 210-382 calories per hour
Golf: 225-409 calories per hour
Skateboarding: 250-455 calories per hour
Roller skating: 350-636 calories per hour
Soccer: 350-636 calories per hour
Hockey: 400-727 calories per hour
Swimming: 400-727 calories per hour
Skiing: 300-727 calories per hour
Tennis: 300-727 calories per hour

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