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Fitness programs are for both tough-minded men and women who want to see their quality in life change through training, eating, and living like a bad ass.

No prior gym experience is required; you will be guided step-by-step in your customized programs. You’re required to work closely with your trainer, Lexes, via text message, e-mail, or calls.


The difference between online coaching and personal training is that you don’t have your trainer physically with you, but programs and workouts are designed as if you sat down with me in person. Instead, we sit down over the phone, you fill out a questionnaire, and give the same information you would give me if we were training in person. Initial form checks and squat tests are done at home via Skype or video recording. From there, programs are designed based on your movement patterns, necessary corrective exercises, personal fitness goals, lifestyle, etc. 


Are you ready to discover what your most “bad ass” self looks like?


In our complete programs, you recieve customized training which includes progressions, specific workouts for each day, exercises, reps, sets, tempo, how much weight to use, and new phases of training to ensure progress. On the nutrition side, you recieve customized macros and calories that coincide your training days, 50+ recipes, and macro updates to avoid plateaus.


Check-ins are every Sunday which includes progress pictures and going over your weekly reports.



1.     Decide which program you’re interested in.


2.     Download the document on that program’s page & fill out the questionnaire.


3.     Follow the instructions in the questionnaire. You will recieve an e-mail, call, or text from me in less than 24 hours. Feel free to let me know which you prefer in the questionnaire.

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Hey guys! My name’s Lexes O’Hara! 🙂


I’m a certified personal trainer (CPT) and fitness-nutrition specialist (FNS) both through NASM. Basically I’m certified to kick your ass and teach you how to eat some good food.


Personally, I maintain a vegetarian-based diet for ethical reasons, but I work with you based on however you choose to eat.


I found the weight room when I was conditioning for my track season during my senior year of high school. I got a little lost at the gym and found myself at the squat rack instead. Being strong made me feel good mentally and physically and this is ultimately what has shaped my life to what it is today.


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I’m a little competitive when it comes to sports so here’s a list of things I do:

powerlifting / bodybuilding / bowling- nationals competitions & league / tennis / roller derby / soccer / marathon / obstacle-course races

I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, cook-outs, jet skiing, snowboarding, and getting lost in nature. I have a full blown addiction to Domino’s pizza and I’m actively seeking sponsorship from them. I’m a sponsored athlete for BPI Sports so feel free to use my discount code (LEXESOH) mostly because it helps me out, but I rarely use anything but protein supplements myself.


Not to brag, but I’m also an ok poet, gamer chick, and professional crowdsurfer. If I’m not at the gym, I’m at an A Day to Remember concert. You WILL be able to find me on Warped Tour 2017 working with the non-profit organization Truth, just look for the big orange bus giving out the best merch and I’ll be easy to spot because I’m sure I’ll be doing something awkward on the microphone. I will be working every tour date. Reach out to me on social media for personal & weird questions, not through my professional e-mail please.


 Find me on instagram @lexesohara to learn more unwanted facts about me.




  • My goals hiring Lexes as my personal trainer were to gain knowledge about proper exercises to lose weight and tone my body at the same time. She has taught me a lot about exercising and how our body works. Whenever I am struggling with exercising, and my weight loss she always encourages me and gives me great advice. I was able to easily open up to her about my past weight loss struggles and how its effecting my every day life and she's understanding and so encouraging! She pushes me hard during our sessions and she is always very personable and really cares about you as a person and helping you achieve your goals.
    Katie F.
  • Lexes was incredibly positive during our training sessions. Her encouragement helped me to continue with the workout despite the urge to stop. Additionally, she was accessible even outside the gym to provide nutritional advice and aid with fitness goals. Lexes was gracious enough to create a workout plan to follow outside of our training sessions in order to remain on course.
    Tiffany T.
  • It may only bit a little bit of gains, but we're getting there again! It's definitely a process. Thanks Lexes O'Hara for your awesome plan! This chickadee knows what she's talking about.
    Devynn M.
  • She kicks my butt! She's like a Shaun T from Insanity!
    Sandy I.