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About Me

Lexes is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. She is also a writer for BarBend and a traveling marketer with a non-profit, truth, touring with events such as Warped Tour, Questivals, and HBCU’s.


She focuses most of her time coaching with her online clients and trains a limited amount of clients in-person at Convoy Strength in San Diego, CA. Her primary focus with her athletes and clients is strength, nutrition, and physique transformations.

How It All Began

Her competitive side was introduced at 3 years old, when she began bowling in league. By age 8, she was winning scholarships for competing state-wide and at 18 began competing in the USBC Women’s Championships. At this time, she also found a love for being “strong” and began competing in NPC bikini shows.


After developing binge eating disorder, she began doing more research on the mental aspects of fitness and nutrition. At age 22, she re-discovered her passion in just having fun and being competitive with fitness, where she got into both powerlifting and marathon running (the full 26.2). She has been personal training and online coaching since 2014, using her past experiences to help her current clients in making their transformations.

She also really enjoys pizza and pop punk.


NASM CPT (2014)

Fitness-Nutrition Specialist (2016)

Sports Performance Specialist (in-process)

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