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About Me

Lexes is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. She is also a writer for BarBend and a traveling marketer with a non-profit, truth, touring with events such as Warped Tour, Questivals, and HBCU’s.


She focuses most of her time coaching with her online clients and trains a limited amount of clients in-person at Convoy Strength in San Diego, CA. Her primary focus with her athletes and clients is strength, nutrition, and physique transformations.

How It All Began

Her competitive side was introduced at 3 years old, when she began bowling in league. By age 8, she was winning scholarships for competing state-wide and at 18 began competing in the USBC Women’s Championships. At this time, she also found a love for being “strong” and began competing in NPC bikini shows.


After developing binge eating disorder, she began doing more research on the mental aspects of fitness and nutrition. At age 22, she re-discovered her passion in just having fun and being competitive with fitness, where she got into both powerlifting and marathon running (the full 26.2). She has been personal training and online coaching since 2014, using her past experiences to help her current clients in making their transformations.

She also really enjoys pizza and pop punk.


NASM CPT (2014)

Fitness-Nutrition Specialist (2016)

Sports Performance Specialist (in-process)

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Tag someone who you think is perfect and needs to hear this. I’ve tagged just a few of my fav perfect/inspiring/hard working people. 🙌🏻❤️ . You are perfect and I’ll be pissed @ you if you say otherwise. And NO, not because I’m being sweet, but because if you don’t think you’re perfect, you’re not trying hard enough. . What does perfect mean? Well the way I see it, it means you’re just the way you should be right now in this moment. . If you don’t think you are just the way you should be in this moment of time, that means 1) you aren’t trying your best and putting enough effort into your life, your goals, and your purpose OR 2) you are doing everything you should be, but you’re too critical of yourself, in which case you probably never will feel like you’re exactly where you should be... which means mindset is what you need to fix. . If you’re doing the right things and treating yourself kindly, then you are exactly perfect. If you’re not, then work on it. The point of growth is that you struggle and don’t get things right all of the time. If you’re being the best you can be and trying the best you can, then you’re perfect. Ok love ya byeeeeee. . If you read this all the way through, TAG someone you think is perfect and spread the love to them. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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My dad once told me, “what you do most of the time is more important than what you do sometimes.” - This is something that’s always stuck with me and can be applied in other aspects of life for your success and progress as well. - This here is a picture of an alcoholic milkshake from somewhere on the Vegas strip from my 21st birthday (2 years ago lmao). One of my favorite drinks and I’ve been looking forward to getting it since we’ve been here this week. - Do I️ drink alcohol all of the time? No. Do I️ drink milkshakes, eat dessert, overeat all of the time? No. Do I️ do it sometimes? Oh hell yeah I️ doooo! 😈✌🏻 - Think about your habits. If you do something consistently (eat healthy, train hard, take care of yourself) then eating like shit, missing a workout, and fucking up a little bit won’t do any permanent damage. SO DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. - Now, if you’re just starting out and haven’t built any habits or found consistency yet, then this is the time to be more strict on yourself. You’ll eat healthy for one day and then reward yourself with chicken nuggets the rest of the week for that one day. One day doesn’t do anything. Being healthy sometimes doesn’t matter if most of the time you’re eating chicken nuggets and being a potato. - My suggestion to you is to find consistency first by being disciplined and learning to say no even if you REALLY want to say yes. Understand there’s lots of yes’s to come in the future, but the most important thing is to develop that discipline first. And if you fuck it up a couple of times, it’s not the end of the world. - For information on coaching or training, DM me or apply in my bio!

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If people drink protein shakes to gain weight, should someone trying to LOSE WEIGHT take protein too? - Yes and no. - Protein doesn’t make you gain weight. Protein helps to repair muscle; important for those who want to build muscle. When people say they’re trying to “gain weight” typically they mean gain muscle. 💪🏻 - Protein is also an amazing macronutrient for weight loss. Why? First, it’s satiating (makes you feel full). You don’t necessarily need a large amount in your diet, like the industry wants you to believe, but it’s also important for muscle maintenance or even building muscle on a cut. When you lose weight you can also lose lean body mass (some muscle) instead of your intended goal of losing fat. Having the right amount of protein in your diet encourages maintenance and muscle development instead of muscle loss. It’s never fun to see the scale go down and realize it’s because you’ve lost muscle instead of fat. - So why wouldn’t you take protein? If you have a sufficient amount in your diet, then a supplement of it is not necessary. The benefit of actually having protein as a supplement is because it’s cheaper than most protein sources, easy and fast to make, and you can bring it anywhere- perfect for flying with while on tour (+ I rarely eat meat so I actually need it). - Should you buy protein? It’s up to you, but it’s not a bad idea if you’re struggling with hitting your macros. 🤑 Save 20% on @bpi_sports protein using the code “LEXESOH” at checkout.

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It’s almost spring time 🌷🌻 Which means more bike rides, beaches, sun, and my fav food starts coming back into season finally. This is one of my fav spring time weight loss recipes- not really a recipe, but close enough. - It’s literally just fruit in your ice cubes, but people are shooketh every time they see me with them in my water bottles so here are some bomb flavors that rock together. It’s one of my fav life hacks that can help you get down a full gallon of water if you struggle with it. P.S. if you want massive ice cubes that fit in your water bottles, you can use a muffin pan like I do. 😊 - Bomb combos to try: •Orange + blueberry •watermelon + mint •lemon + lime + orange •strawberry + mint •strawberry + blueberry

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day 💚🍀 Make sure to eat your green veggies today! 😜 (sorry I thought I was so funny for this but I know everyone’s going to roll their eyes so I apologize in advance lmao)

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I haven’t officially announced this yet in a post, but I’m writing for @barbend and my first article went up yesterday. It’s an interview I had with an adaptive athlete who ended up losing his arm and being told he could never walk again while in the military. He now competes in Spartans, runs marathons, and is training for an Iron Man. We talk about the physical and mental battles he’s overcome, including a suicide attempt. If you want to get inspired and make changes for yourself despite your obstacles, check out this post on Barbend.com ❤️ “How Strength Training is Helping this Adaptive Athlete Train for the Ironman World Championship” . P.S. this is some video footage from my last session ft. my client @aida_trice behind me. 🦄💖😜

I haven’t offic...