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In my clients, I have seen two major events occur when they train.

The first is that they experience physical and mental pain. Physical pain because they’re tearing muscle fibers and breaking down their bodies in a will to become better. Mental pain because, despite every cell in their body wanting them to stop, they don’t listen.


The second is that they achieve more than what they expected… and then some. Through every muscle fiber tearing apart, they grow back stronger. Through every mental obstacle they get over, the less they find in their way.

It all starts in the gym, but it transitions to out-of-gym experiences. When life gets hard, the gym trains you to be harder. 


When a client is able to take their training and make them a better person- may it be them having the guts to take on new adventures, gaining the confidence in themselves they’ve been dreaming about, or being more appreciative of the relationships in their life- that’s when I consider my clients successful.


Setting and breaking gym PR’s is just the beginning of this transformation. Are you READY?




The style in which you train all depends upon your goals and current lifestyle. Below are the different levels of training in which clients are put based upon these criteria.





Achieve a high level of fitness in all phases of training

Achieve lean body mass, weight loss, and muscle gain

Test your strength

Test your muscular & cardiovascular endurance

Test your calisthenics abilities



Achieve new 1RM’s and PR’s in strength

Training at high intensity levels (75-100%)

Squat / bench / deadlifts and accesory work



Achieve muscle mass while also lifting heavy

Training at high intensity levels (80-95%) at the beginning of the session

Training for hypertrophy (less than 80%) for the second half of the session


Achieve lean muscle mass and fat loss

Training for hypertrophy (<= 80%) for muscle-building

HIIT and steady state cardio for fat loss



Achieve muscular and cardiovascular endurance from home or while traveling

Achieve weight loss and/or gain muscle

Training for stability, balance, and endurance


1. Take the quiz

2a. Go to the “sign up” page and sign up for the amount of weeks you’d like to commit to


2b. Wait for my response to find the best package for you

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I’ve been a personal trainer certified through NASM as a CPT and FNS (fitness-nutrition specialist) since 2014. I train competitively for powerlifting, bodybuilding, bowling, and marathons. I follow a vegetarian-based diet.

Follow me on social media to watch my progress in these sports. Instagram @lexesohara and


I got into fitness due to some mental obstacles I was facing in my life during that time. I found that training helped me to maintain a better attitude and find success even outside of the gym.

I am a full-time personal trainer and online coach, but I also travel the country with a nonprofit for the youth called truth. I recently worked on Warped Tour with this brand and am currently traveling with them in the fall during weekends.

My mission is not only to help people through fitness, but to allow my clients’ success to carry over to all aspects of life, which it always does if the training is maintainted.

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  • My goals hiring Lexes as my personal trainer were to gain knowledge about proper exercises to lose weight and tone my body at the same time. She has taught me a lot about exercising and how our body works. Whenever I am struggling with exercising, and my weight loss she always encourages me and gives me great advice. I was able to easily open up to her about my past weight loss struggles and how its effecting my every day life and she's understanding and so encouraging! She pushes me hard during our sessions and she is always very personable and really cares about you as a person and helping you achieve your goals.
    Katie F.
  • Lexes was incredibly positive during our training sessions. Her encouragement helped me to continue with the workout despite the urge to stop. Additionally, she was accessible even outside the gym to provide nutritional advice and aid with fitness goals. Lexes was gracious enough to create a workout plan to follow outside of our training sessions in order to remain on course.
    Tiffany T.
  • It may only bit a little bit of gains, but we're getting there again! It's definitely a process. Thanks Lexes O'Hara for your awesome plan! This chickadee knows what she's talking about.
    Devynn M.
  • She kicks my butt! She's like a Shaun T from Insanity!
    Sandy I.