Why I’m Conflicted on Promoting “Cheat Meals”

Do you think cheat meals are necessary in your nutrition plan OR do you think they are detrimental to your progress?


Lets start with this: do you know why eating junk food is considered “bad?” It seems like such a simple question that you should know the answer to, but 95% of you reading this won’t actually know.

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Did you guess high calories? High calorie foods aren’t bad. The reason there’s fear of eating high calorie meals is because they add up. You have something called TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) which is the amount of calories you burn in total for the day. If you go over that number, you gain weight. If you continually choose foods which are high in calories (junk food) you will gain body fat and experience potentially serious health issues in the long run.


Did you guess high fats? Fats aren’t bad either. You’ll see problems when you overeat junk food with LDL (“bad” cholesterol), which puts you at risk of heart disease if there’s a high intake in your diet. In fact, most people think cholesterol in general is bad, but a moderate to high amount of HDL has been shown to benefit and possibly reverse those at risk of heart disease and plaque build up.

Did you guess high carbs? Carbs aren’t bad; they’re your body’s main source of energy. Where you’ll see problems with carbs is when you’re already eating a bunch of junk consistently so you’re going over your calories, there’s a ton of LDL in your system, and now you’re spiking up your insulin, which all of this now puts your at risk of diabetes and a fxck ton of other health problems.

Eating junk food all of the time IS NOT HEALTHY. If that’s what you want to do and you’re willing to accept the consequences, then I’ll leave you be. But I’m writing this for people who so desperately want to change, but are struggling. Some of you even resort to eating junk food because you’ve given up on being happy. That’s why I’m here doing what I’m doing. And sometimes I just need to be straight up and say it how it is.

Here’s why I publicly share my cheat meals: it’s important to know that it’s OKAY to eat this food. And I don’t mean “okay” as in- I feel bad for you so I’m going to tell you what you want to hear instead of be honest and upfront with you.

If you go back and read all of those reasons above, notice I mentioned the word “consistently.” Your results are going to depend on what you do consistently, not what you do every once in awhile. Have a cheat meal every now and then? You’re in good health (or getting there), so you won’t be negatively affected. If everyday becomes a cheat meal, then that’s when you’re going to find yourself suffering.

I think the worst thing about being unhealthy is that it prevents you from living a quality life and doing all of the things you wish you could do. It’s not always about looking good, it’s about feeling alive.

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Lexes O'Hara

Lexes O'Hara is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her work philosophy is to teach her clients to, "train, eat, and live like a bad ass." Certifications include NASM CPT and FNS.