Best Full Body Workout with No Equipment

We’ve got 10 more weeks until summer officially begins, but depending on your location, bikini season may just be a few weeks away! If you’re someone who waited until last minute to get ready for your summer vacation, then you’ve landed in the right spot. Below is a total body training circuit for weight loss. What’s even better? You don’t need any equipment to burn those calories. This is a workout that comes directly from the Aftershock Boot Camp training program that’s being released this week! This is designed for men and women who prefer outdoor or in-home training with no equipment. You’ll find exercises that include calisthenics, plyometrics, and resistance band workouts! Try this circuit out for your summer body goals!   Full body circuit workout for summer weight loss   CIRCUIT TRAINING WORKOUT: 3 rounds, 45 seconds per exercise Note: The “//” signifies that for the next round, there will be an exercise variation. For example, in round 1 of the first exercise, you will do lunges. For round 2, you will do pulse lunges and for round 3, you will do switch lunges. Lunges // pulse lunges // switch lunges Push-up to side plank Step-ups Plank jacks Bench dips Mountain climbers Squats // pulse squats // squat jumps Double side punch Renegade rows Superman   You’re one of the first people to get insight into the Aftershock Boot Camp program, so let me know how it worked for you! Be on the lookout for more workouts, all which will come from the weight loss program, bodybuilding program, or at-home training program which will all be released this week!

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