How to Get a Glute & Hamstring Tie-In

The hamstring glute tie-in is where the muscles in your glutes and hamstrings connect. This is one of the focus areas in bikini competitors and also a physique which is highly valued in those trying to achieve their ideal summer bodies. There are two important factors in achieving your glute-ham tie-in: nutrition and strength training. It’s very unlikely that you will achieve one without the other, which goes for any training program. When it comes to your glute-ham tie-in, you must be both strong and lean for it to be visible. The strength exercises will focus on two muscle groups: your glutes and hamstrings. Glutes and hamstrings workout poster Your glutes are made of three different muscle groups: gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. The gluteus maximus is the largest of the three muscles. You build this muscle by doing exercises such as ATG squats, hip thrusts, or stiff-leg deadlifts. The gluteus medius and minimus are smaller muscles which help to build the “side glute.” The medius and minimums perform similarly when extending the hips in certain movements. When training your glutes, the main muscle will be the maximus, but we will focus on all three muscles in achieving the most desirable glute ham tie-in. Your hamstrings connect beneath your glutes. Your hams are responsible for hip extension, which you will notice is a key movement for the glutes as an overall function as well. Because of this, the exercises that you perform will fire muscles in both your hamstrings and glutes. That’s a win-win for you, as this makes it easier to achieve your leg goals. What exercises should you do? There’s a variety of different workouts to try for glutes and hamstrings. The key is to be sure that you’re firing the glute and hamstring muscles for your leg day workouts. Here are some popular exercises to start incorporating into your regimen: stiff-leg dead lifts, sumo squats, Bulgarian split squats, good mornings, glute bridges, hip thrusts, donkey kicks, single leg curls, and hip abductions. NPC bikini glute hamstring training ideas If you’re going to put the time and effort into achieving your glute-ham tie-in, then it’s important to put as much effort into your nutrition as you do your training. You won’t get results if you don’t train, but your muscles won’t grow if you don’t feed them! A correct diet will do three things for you in this situation: 1. Ensure that you have enough protein to repair your muscles after training 2. Ensure that you have enough carbs to fill your muscles and 3. Prove the right amount of calories to achieve or maintain a lean physique. The most important factor when it comes to fitness nutrition is how many calories you’re consuming. If you’re already at a low body fat percentage (under 18%) and have trouble with gaining weight, then you may benefit from increasing your calories above maintenance level so that your body can use the extra calories for growing mass. If you’re between 18-25% body fat, then you may want to keep your calories at maintenance or just below to ensure that you’re feeding your muscles, but also focusing on staying lean. This will ensure that your ham-glute tie-in is visible. If you are over 25% body fat, then you may want to decrease your calories to below maintenance level so that you’re able to focus on leaning your body out while working on those leg goals! Your diet and nutrition play a role in your muscle growth Macros are a more specific part of your calories. The most important macros when training are protein and carbs as they repair, build, and fill your muscle. Protein is responsible for building your muscles after an intense glute and ham training session, which is designed to tear parts of your muscle. Carbs are important in your diet as they get stored in your muscle. Carbs fill your muscle and prevent them from looking “flat.” A general percentage that you can try out for your macros is 50% carbs, 30% protein, and 20% fats. Download the free glute ham workout to take with you to the gym for your next leg day! If you need additional training or diet coaching for your dream physique, then sign up and get a free consultation!

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