Taking a Risk on the LA Fit Expo | January 6-8, 2017

What’s up friends! So 2017 is here and now! 

I do a lot of reflecting and as 2017 rolled in, I was reflecting on what I needed to do to make this year the most kick ass year yet. In 2016 I realized I spent most of my time alone and my social life was sh*t. It really sucked, but it was a learning experience as to how I needed to balance my life better this year. 

This year I decided I needed to change that. I wanted to take on more opportunities, more risk, be open to new people, and put myself out there and be vulnerable.

So then I got this text from Keith who’s a fitness YouTuber from Ohio and he said, “Hey! Come stay in this house with 12 other YouTubers!”

And at first I was like, “Okay! I’ll think about it!”

I had no real intentions of actually going though because, well, it’s risky. In my head it is, at least. I have really bad anxiety in situations where I’m not familiar with my surroundings.

But then I looked back to 2016 and I remembered what happened when I didn’t take these risks and opportunities. So then I said, “Okay, I’ll go.” I paid for everything in advance as a way to not let myself back down from this opportunity.

I invited my friend Drew to come and he was quick to say yes. Next thing you know, we were all in LA for the Fitness Expo.

I’m so blessed to have opportunities like these to meet amazing people. I asked 2017 to give me a year of opportunity, love, and abundance (without getting too hippy on you) and I’m already feeling that. So THANK YOU!

2017 is going to be the bomb.


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Lexes O'Hara

Lexes O'Hara is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. Her work philosophy is to teach her clients to, "train, eat, and live like a bad ass." Certifications include NASM CPT and FNS.