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Get inspired. These are resources that you can apply to all aspects of your life to build new habits, get outside of your comfort zone, and  develop better qualities as a person.


Dealing with Binge Eating During the Holidays

December 7, 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xePiIqu7tfI     Remember that binge-eating is typically sprung from another mental disorder; anxiety or depression bei...


How to Stay Healthy over the Holidays

November 23, 2016

Tip #1 Be aware of how much water you’re drinking. Water is important in your diet overall, but over the holidays its important not to neglect i...


Client Spotlight: 2 Pants Sizes in 1 Month

November 11, 2016

Rachael came to me in the spring of 2016, expressing her interest in wanting to lose weight, but not being able to begin a coaching program until summ...


“Feeling Stuck” | MY ADVICE ON MINDSET

November 8, 2016

Client Question: “I’m just feeling stuck in the same place. Sometimes I want to start all over in Cuba or somewhere nobody knows me. Do you ever get t...


How to Overcome the Hate

October 7, 2016

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F6239l4CdzI   No matter what you do, people are going to dislike you and it has nothing to do with you. If you change ...


9 Iphone Wallpapers that keep you Motivated | Free Downloadables

October 5, 2016

I woke up at 3:45 this morning with a wild amount of energy for someone who only went to bed three hours prior.  Instead of wasting time trying to for...


How to Overcome Binge Eating

July 22, 2016

Coming out of a binge, I find FIVE boxes of Oreos on my lap, ONE family-sized jar of peanut butter in my hands, DOZENS of chip bags laying on the floo...


How to Deal with Negative Energy

June 24, 2016

Negative energy is everywhere. You go on social media and you’ll see it within the first 30 seconds. Turn on the news; you hear about terrorist ...


How to Get Motivated

June 13, 2016

Mo-ti-va-tion: the reason behind a person’s actions. Actions come from beliefs. Therefore, if you’re not motivated, you don’t believe that you can ach...


How to Stay on Track While on Vacation

June 2, 2016

Katie, one of my clients, asked how to stay on track while traveling and during vacation. This is a question I get asked frequently. The answer that I...


Depression: Fighting for the Light

April 25, 2016

What would you do if you saw someone mocking self-harm and self-hate? A picture was posted on Facebook, mocking suicide with a knife at his wrist and ...


Broken & Beautiful World

April 18, 2016

Digging deep, you’ll realize that the Earth can teach us so much about natural, raw beauty. We are a part of this Earth and the same stuff that makes ...


How to Focus on Success & Happiness

March 17, 2016

  For me the purpose of life is to be happy. To be happy means to be successful and balanced in the areas of my life that are important to me: my...