One Month Going Vegan: My Results

I went vegan for a month as something I had wanted to do for my 2016 Resolutions. There’s a ton of things I’ve wanted to do in the past and I’ve dedicated 2016 to JUST JUMPING IN AND DOING IT without over-thinking it. So here’s the first thing I just jumped into and completed successfully.

Week 1

Eating enough protein is important in bodybuilding for maintaining and growing muscle. I’m all about animal rights and I wanted to test how much muscle, if any, I would lose from going vegan and eating over 50% less protein in my diet than I was used to.  Most people are afraid to mess with their gains and try something out, but I wasn’t. I ate a steak on New Years Eve and then jumped into going vegan on January 1 with no second thoughts.

Week 2

I got extremely sick the second week. I was eating a similar diet prior to going vegan, minus the animal products I was eating otherwise. The change in diet wasn’t drastic for me. Yet, my hormones were completely out of whack and caused several issues for two and a half weeks after that. I was also substituting meat products with more fruits and vegetables, which my body reacted poorly to.  The acidity of some of the fruits (kiwi was the worst) was causing my mouth to get unbearable sores, which gave me a pain 3x more painful than having my wisdom teeth removed. The sores lasted for two weeks and eating became the least enjoyable part of my day, as the sores would all start bleeding every time I ate. Everything that happened to me is something most people probably won’t experience by going vegan, but personally my body did not react well to the experience.

Week 3

I show you my gym footage of leg day and insight into what I was eating for the month. I was sick while recording this, so I didn’t go as hard with my training nor was I able to complete my full workout; I really only did squats and dead lifts then a few glute exercises. Overall, my gains weren’t changing drastically from what I could see in this video…. But wait until you see my next video to see how drastically my gains DID change with progress pictures (although the difference is compared between 2 months, not just the month I went vegan).

Week 4

Going vegan was a great experience. From what I’ve seen within the 4 weeks, I didn’t lose much muscle. The progress pictures taken were between the month of December and the beginning of February. I never once took any vegan protein powders during this experiment. The majority of my diet was fruits and vegetables. For complete protein sources I was eating rice and beans, tofu, and quinoa. Outside of that, the rest of the protein I was getting came from vegetables. Being vegan was an easy transition. I encourage anyone who wants to give it a try to do some research on how you’re going to eat balanced and then try a couple of days throughout the week where you only eat a vegan diet.

Are you vegan or want to go vegan? What is/was your motivation for doing so?

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