Leg Day Workout Ideas for Quads

If you’re looking to build your legs, training your quads is one of the main muscle groups that you’ll want to focus on. Since summer is around the corner, this means that you may want to step up your game before you start showing off your legs. This workout comes from the bodybuilding program being released this spring; be sure to check that out if you enjoy this workout! I encourage you to save the printable I’ve provided for the leg day workout to incorporate into your training program at the gym. I’ve also provided a video with a voice-over tutorial of the training and exercises. If you try this workout, let me know how you enjoy it!     Note that the 8 sets of squats are performed in a pyramid style of training which you may have noticed when watching the video. This just means that you increase or decrease the volume (weight) for each set. The goal here is to get your body used to lifting heavier weight. When doing this, you should slowly be introducing higher volume every 2-6 weeks.

THE WORKOUT consists of Bulgarian step-ups, different variations of squats, and single leg extensions.

Bodybuilders leg day with quad focus workout for mass

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