Upper Body Super Set Training & BPI Supplement Review

Man! Life has been crazy these past few weeks with my mom having brain surgery, family emergencies, and several other situations, but I decided to grab life by its horns and ride it out! Today I’m hitting you with an upper body workout that targets your back, shoulders, and biceps.   back, biceps, and shoulder workout   My favorite part about this workout is that you can do it alone or you can join in with a friend because its set up in supersets, which means you get more training in with less amount of time.   Supersets (s.s.) are when you complete two exercises one after the other or sometimes simultaneously prior to resting.   If you have any questions about how to perform the exercises properly, you can use the training footage provided below as a guide.     The workout was fueled by BPI supplements. Typically I don’t take supplements and one thing to be aware of is that I play devil’s advocate in my ratings of supplements with reason. Note that supplements are not necessary to get a killer workout in, especially if your diet is on point.   The supplement being reviewed on flavor & energy performance is BPI Watermelon Freeze pre-workout.   Kassandra’s ratings: Flavor: 15/15 Energy performance: 15/15   Kassandra has tried several pre workouts in the past (and actually avoids taking them- replacing them with BCAAs as her placebo effect “pre workout” drink because she gags on most flavors of pre workouts). She’s extremely picky on flavors, so if she likes this, you know its good.   Lexes’s ratings: Flavor: 8/15 Energy performance: 11/15   I personally am all about watermelon. The flavor was strong and sweet (even with an almost-full bottle of water). The flavor is a benefit of this pre-workout, but I’m sensitive to strong flavors, which is why it came off a little sour for me. Energy-wise, I felt more energized than usual during the first half of my workout. Placebo-effect? Regardless, I would use this pre workout again because placebo-effect still does something!     If you’re interested in signing up for online programs or personal training in San Diego, sign up for a consultation call to go over your goals and health status.   If you’d like to to be a sponsor for competitions or supplementation, get in contact with me via e-mail.   If you’d like to donate to the tip jar for receiving workouts and video footage, you may do so here.