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“A lot of people don’t train hard like you. Its inspiring.” And on that note, let’s get this workout going. Today’s workout is an at-home training program from Aftershock Boot Camp. The only equipment I’ll be using for this workout is a BOSU ball, which is easily replace-able. If you don’t have access to a BOSU ball, then try this on stairs or a small bench instead. Circuit training workout ideas to get bikini ready   I based the 60 seconds of cardio and 20 reps of body weight exercises on my level of fitness. If this is too challenging for you, then start with 30 seconds of cardio and 5-10 reps of strength exercises. You can easily add more reps and seconds to the circuit as you continue to progress on this journey. If you want a challenge and think you can take on this full workout, then definitely try it! This workout is guaranteed to spike your metabolism for the next 24+ hours after completing it. What does that mean? Lots of extra calories are going to be burned even after this workout.   The cardio exercises used in this workout consist of bench sprints, high knees, side to sides, and burpees. The strength and body weight exercises used are step-ups to leg raises, spider planks, squats, push-ups, and leg raises.

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