Meet the coach

I’m a 24 year old pop punk junkie who…

currently lives in NYC. I just recently made the move from my original dream location: San Diego, California at the end of July this year.

I travel often, run a mental health project (Prove Your Existence), and enjoy living a simple life — although many would say my life is anything, but simple.

You’re probably here to learn more about my passions in fitness or how I got started.

my fitness journey was a wreck.

I got into fitness my senior year of high school, from there I found NPC shows and decided my dream would be to compete in bikini competitions, as a socially awkward, weird kid.

Back then, I was the person who was always “sick” during presentation days at school and I grew to loathe myself for my social anxieties; I craved a reality where I was fun, outgoing, and unafraid to be myself. So what better way to fight my fears than to get on a stage to be judged while half-naked in heels, right?

A year later (and after a long-term relationship ended), I decided to move to California to make my dreams come true.

NPC Bikini Competition (San Diego)

Little did I know, nearly starving yourself for 3 and a half months for 5 seconds of attention on stage can be detrimental to your mental health when you’re already struggling in that department.

I began binge eating — and without exaggeration — eating 10,000 calories of Oreos in one sitting. That’s 5 packages of Oreos, by the way.

I went on runs (with Oreos in my pockets), crying, and not able to stop myself… all this happening while in the middle of NPC bikini competition prep.

My dream came true of stepping on stage (after stuffing my face with an entire jar of peanut butter about 20 minutes beforehand), but turns out I created a bigger problem for myself through this “dream come true.” I now struggled with an intense eating disorder, which I would later allow to control my life for four years.


I felt like a major fraud; I was a personal trainer who had to pretend to have it all together for social media and, despite helping change my clients’ lives, I felt like I was completely destroying mine.

(This is the first time ever sharing images from my binge eating — the only images anyone ever saw were the “before the binges” and not later in the evening where I was completely swollen and mentally a mess).

In the healing process, I began lifting heavy to get my mind off of my appearance and more on strength and empowerment. I’m not big on the “self love” industry, but you can definitely call this a “self love” period of my life.

I learned to be patient with myself, to accept that I would fail myself, and continued pushing through despite it all.


discovering myself via failure

This lead to me getting involved with powerlifting and dabbling in other sports and activities that I used to play simply for enjoyment — bowling (Fun fact alert! I’ve been a bowler since age three!), tennis, roller skating, hiking, exploring.

I ended up competing in powerlifting and falling in love— programming for the competition and experimenting with training volume on myself to learn more about overtraining, recovery, the importance of nutrition for performance, and training technique.

First you lose, then you win.

California State Powerlifting Championships

You’d think that’s where the story ends, but later on I watched my dad run a marathon (he had run more than a handful already at this point), and I joked that maybe I would run one with him one day.

Don’t make jokes with my dad. He takes that shit serious.


Becoming a Powerlifter AND Marathon Runner

The next day I woke up to an e-mail that I was signed up for next year’s Rock N Roll Full Marathon in San Diego with him. Yikes.

So now, I not only had to figure out how in the hell I was going to run 26.2 miles at one time, but I had to figure out how I was going to remain strong and maintain my muscle mass with all of the extra miles in my training.


Many said I couldn’t do it… and then I did.

That’s something I want you to remember throughout your journey. Do it despite the doubt. I am not special in being able to achieve the things I have, meaning that your goals are not out of reach. Let go of fear and doubt.


This is how I discovered my passion for helping crazy people like me who:

A) want to gain strength for powerlifting

B) want to maintain or gain strength while dabbling on other sports (like running marathons)

C) want to maintain or build strength to compliment and enhance your abilities in other sports 


If you’re interested in coaching, schedule a call with me below and I’ll be reaching back out to you within 24 hours (but don’t be shocked if you get a message from me within the hour because I’m always on my computer).

I can’t wait to work with you!

Certifications & Qualifications

  • CPR & AED

  • NASM CPT (Certified personal trainer)

  • NASM PES (Certified sports performance specialist)

  • NASM FNS (Certified fitness-nutrition specialist)