10 Week TRANSFORM Program

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10 Week TRANSFORM Program


This 10 week program is designed to T R A N S F O R M your body to achieve a lean and muscular physique. At the end, you will have gone through a total body transformation resulted in noticeable fat loss along with visible muscle and strength improvements.

This program is best for those who are already at an average body fat percentage for their age and gender, have minimum of a year's experience in the gym, and are comfortable with higher intensity work.

This is a downloadable program. Once purchased, you will receive the downloadable file. If there are any issues, please contact me at LexesFitness@gmail.com

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Your program is set up on a three to four day training split in addition to cardio.

The frequency is due to the nature of your training and goals in this program, which requires more recovery time in comparison to other styles of training.

The style in which you’re training has a powerbuilding focus with a mix of hypertrophy and strength.

Transform's workouts are high intensity workouts, incorporating compound movements, accessory work, cardio, and weekly nutrition recommendations. Each phase of training will become more advanced as you progress throughout the program.

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